Excellence, Quality, Integrity, Passion

HugoMB Contracting is an expert in civil works construction with over 30 years in the industry. We believe in having integrity in our actions and also providing our clients the know-how experience to get projects completed. Our experience along with our high quality workmanship allows our clients to know we will complete the job with the best possible end product. 

HugoMB started in 1989 under Mark and his two brothers known as MTM Construction. Since then the company has grown and acquired many years of experience. MTM became MTM-2 Contracting under Mark which has now become HugoMB Contracting to reflect the current leadership team of Mark and Ben. Both Mark and Ben have a desire for completing projects with a high level of quality, having integrity in their actions, and being passionate about their work. These values are what you can expect on any project completed HugoMB Contracting.