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HugoMB Contracting is built on a foundation of core values, company culture, and long-term vision that
is root of our Success. We believe in building a workplace identity that allows our team to excel and be
proud in their work.


At HugoMB Contracting we are actively embracing our core values:


Be professional in the execution our work, utilizing innovation and ingenuity, so that we are outstanding in everything we do.


Conduct our business in a moral and ethical manner; build lasting relationships through honesty, respect and trust with our employees, partners, and clients.


Our goal is to continually provide the best end product for our clients. This is accomplished through focused teamwork, pride in our work, and by hiring the best people who share our values.


We encourage the celebration of our achievements whether big or small, and are excited about overcoming obstacles. We enjoy our profession and are passionate about what we do.

At HugoMB Contracting we are actively building our culture:

We value a culture of integrity in our everyday actions, where individuals are respected and managers lead by example.

We are committed to creating an environment where people enjoy what they do and can have passion about the career they are in.
We are a team that cares about what we do and how we do it, and we believe in a healthy work environment where every team member is respected, valued, and supported.

At HugoMB Contracting we are actively striving to achieve our vision:

Our vision is to build a team of professionals to complete high value and high-quality projects that
produce positive results for our clients, the communities we work in, and for our team members and
their families.
Our culture is one where we value integrity in our everyday actions and where individuals are respected
and encouraged to grow and develop into leaders. We are committed to creating an environment where
team members enjoy what they do and can take ownership for the success of the project. We believe in
empowering every tear member as this approach allows everyone to excel because they are invested in
the team's success.
As HugoMB Contracting continues to grow and build in communities across Ontario, we will remain true
to our core values and to building a strong team culture.

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